N&L Casa De Moda E DemoHeart Estúdio

N&L Fashion Team
N&L Fashion Team
Nisa and Lobo;  a mother and daughter team that own a true fashion house; from being Pro-models, having a Style lab (buy fashion or hire to style you for an event or more.), designers, visual for selected wardrobe for styling, custom made/ recreation designs(reCr8on line), Runway-Model coaching/choreography, advisor in fashion, to selecting (freelance)models for runway shows and more.

Event Producers,  Tv Personalities, Artist N&L Casa De Moda has been booked by :

💎Key Image (Montrey Williams, DelShanna Douglas ) 

💎The Bigg Chat Team /Coffee Time Talk Show on Cable 8 ( Donna Walker and Wayne Walker )

💎Evin Gibson (Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer /Director , Reality Show Star "Taking Of with Evin Gibson Channel 45) www.evingibson.com

💎SoulfulSultry Versatile Productions (Singer, Songwriter, Event Productions)

💎Nisi Lee (MUA,Singer,Songwriter) www.NiSisEyes.com 

💎"LatinDiva" Tanya Marie Bunch (Zumba Instructor and Motivator ) Her app "LatinDiva" and Youtube LatinDiva 

🏆Award winning:  
★Wardrobe Stylists of 2015
★Super model (top 3) 2010
★Print Model of the Year 2010

Runway Coach for Key Image Models (male/female)

Stylist and/or advisor to Evin Gibson, Donna Walker, Versatyle, Nisi Lee, and last not least LatinDiva. 💎

We are looking forward to continue to work with the best. Mostly give you new and vintage looks that will give you award winning look. 

N&L Team
N&L Team

Nisa Mahala : Owner and Head Designer , Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist-Advisor , Pro-Model , Creator of her Sophisticated but sexy, elegant, mode, chic, classic, exotic(not to garish)and last not least my favorite personal style soft Goth and Bohemian.

Nisa Mahala has created and designed  "NM Moda" line / "Recr8oN" line and collaboration line with her daughter Lobo called "N&L" of N&L Casa De Moda e DemoHearts Studio's  of Greensboro, N.C. 

Lobo Young: Co-Owner ,Pro-Model,  illustrator of Japanese art , Head Designer and creator of her Sassy, Punk, Urban Street Goth line "DemoHearts' " of N&L Casa De Moda e DemoHeart Estúdio🌼💎


N&L is a family brand that are lovers of fashion. 

We are a fun and amazing fashion team. We cover most all angles of fashion wear. 

Our motto:

"Your style is a unforgettable priceless diamond" 

What do we do?

★Owners of N&L Casa De Moda e DemoHeart Estúdio 

★Pro Models (Nisa & Lobo)

★Personal/Wardrobe Stylist (Nisa and Lobo)

★Fashion Buyers (Nisa and Lobo)

★Runway Coach/Choreographer (Nisa)

★Model Coach (Nisa)

★Freelance Visual Designer (Nisa)

★Art Illustrator (Lobo Young)

★Club Socialite/Hostess (Nisa)

To Book N&L 

📱: (336)210-1941

📱: (727)935-3437


Fashion House: nlcasademodaestudio@gmail.com

Model booking: